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5 Steps Plan, Easy Starting

The special call center setup process we use lead us to success. Your industry doesn't matter Whatever your product or service you sell . With our years of experience we serve your customer as they should be 

Step 1: Learning

The first and most important step we take is to assign you a Project manager. 
The task of the project manager is to study your products and services and learn all the processes of your company.

Step 2: Educating

Training documents are prepared within the framework of the information we receive from you about your products or services. Experienced customer representatives are trained through these training documents.

Step 3 : Examine

After the training given, we determine whether the representatives have sufficient knowledge with the post-training examination. Representatives who do not get sufficient marks in this exam are retrained.

Step 5: Simulation & Testing

We do test calls and correspondence before getting to work with real customers. After these processes, we take the customer service live and follow it constantly.

Step 4: Documentation

After gathering all the information required for the call center and process, we prepare all the documentations required to provide the service.

Call center Document

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If you want to provide your customers with a professional customer service you can contact us. Unique and good customer service helps you build loyal customers. Creafone is your way to success.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Fast & Easy Starting

We do our best to get started smoothly.

No, we prepare the documents for you. For this, we use your website, brochures, booklets and even other documents found on the Internet.

We should integrate communication channels for your call center with our systems. The process for this is pretty simple. You must authorize our user from your social media accounts.

To activate the communication channels, you should do a little effort. If you do not have a technical personnel to do this work, we do these work on your behalf. For this, we request 360TL as an extra consultancy fee.